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The Story:

The show: The Adventures of Dorse and Doose take place in their upstart world, so there is no end or bounds to the foolhardy adventures of the two. Doose the dog raised Dorse from a foal so he is like a father to Dorse the horse, neither one of them has a clue that Dorse is actually a horse. Join the two of them on their relentless pursuit of fun and adventure!

The Dorse and Doose Show
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The Characters:


Dorse - Character Bio - Gud Fit Entertainment

Classification: Horse
Occupation: Friend, Companion
Place of Birth: Redstone Ranch, Stone’s Ranch
Known Relatives: Doose
Favorite Food: Apples
Dorse is a friendly fun-loving big red horse that believes he is a dog mainly because he has been raised by the little whity dog named Doose. Dorse is the true definition of the phrase, ‘ignorance is bliss’. Dorse has a serious craving for apples and will stop at nothing to get one or as many as he can possibly get. Dorse often finds himself getting his best friend Doose out of trouble on their many adventures. Dorse is obsessed with the apples of Johnny Appleseed, and always finds a way to ambush poor Johnny when he least expects it. Some of Johnny’s best nurseries are on the Cobblestone Ranch nearby that is protected by Lanza! Lanza is the most beautiful creature in Dorse’s mind but Lanza is about the business and does a good job of keeping Dorse from Johnny’s nurseries.
lace of Birth:



Doose the Dog - Character Bio - Gud Fit Entertainment

Classification: Dog
Occupation: Caretaker, Friend
Place of Birth: unknown
Known Relatives: Dorse
Favorite Food: Bacon
Doose is a sweet but cranky little dog that has a caretakers mentality and a heart the size of the moon. Doose got his name because of his ears resemble upside down moose antlers. He has raised Dorse from a colt (or should we say puppy) and continues to look after his friend on all of their adventures. Doose absolutely has no clue that Dorse is a horse, he just thinks that he is a large, unique type of dog. Dog or not, Doose is determined to help Dorse to become the best trained dog in the world! Doose is the mastermind behind many of the antics and gets into a lot of trouble that Dorse has to help him get out of. Doose doesn’t care for apples much at all, unless its applewood smoked bacon! Bacon is this dogs weakness and he can sniff it out of anywhere!
lace of Birth:



The idea of Dorse the horse came from an early childhood memory of a old beat-up stuffed animal that couldn’t be truly classified as one particular animal. In fact, he could have been several different animals rolled into one, since he was stitched up with all kinds of different patches. Dorse is also the mascot and iconic symbol for GudFit Entertainment. Doose the scruffy dog was created with one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to care for his friend Dorse.

Supporting Cast:



Curry Goat - Character Bio - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Pygmy Goat
Occupation: Friend
Place of Birth: Mandeville, Jamaica
Known Relatives: None
Favorite Food: Any and Everything
Meet, Curry Goat; he is a little goat on a mission to eat any and everything he can. This little goat also loves to climb things as well as poop on things…after all, he is a goat. Curry is a special blend to Dorse and Doose because he knows that where ever they are, that’s where the food is. The Adventures of Dorse and Doose gets very tasty when a bit of Curry is added.



Johnny Appleseed - Character Bio - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Human
Occupation: Conservationist, Friend
Place of Birth: Massachusetts, USA
Known Relatives: None
Favorite Food: Hot Apple Pie
Johnny Appleseed, the friendly Conservationist; has been planting apple trees all over the country for all of his life and enjoys it immensely. However, Johnny often finds himself on the look-out because he is always being ambushed by Dorse and Doose. Dorse knows that Johnny has the most fresh apples in the world, so Dorse and Doose will stop at nothing to get a bite of Appleseed’s apples. Read a bit more about Johnny here.

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Lanza the Lavender Llama

Classification: Llama
Occupation: Protector, Friend
Place of Birth: Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Known Relatives: None
Favorite Foods: Corn & Alfalfa
Lanza, (short for Alanza which means – ready for battle) is a smart, gentle, and brave llama that protects the Stone’s Ranch and everything on it. She is truly a sweetheart until intruders arrive and then she will quickly turn into the vicious super llama and bite the tail off of the wary intruders. Dorse thinks that Lanza is the most adorable creature ever, but Lanza is all about business and is not easily swayed. She may be a Lavender Llama, but she’s also tou;gh so stay on your toes! Read a bit more here.



Piggin and Rocky - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Pot Bellied Pig
Occupation: Chef, Friend
Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
Known Relatives: None
Favorite Foods: Piggin Etoufee, Roasted Corn
Piggin is a master chef with secret recipes to many specialty dishes like ‘Rocky Gumbo’ and his famous ‘Piggin Etoufee’. It is hard work keeping good recipe’s safe, but that is where his good friend Rocky the crawdad comes in. Rocky is great at protecting the food and the secret recipe’s from all those who would plot to take the secret for themselves. Piggin is a very jolly pig that loves to cook, eat, and party so he is right at home at the Stone’s Ranch with Dorse and friends. Read a bit more here.

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Classification: Great-Tailed Grackle
Occupation: Heckler, Friend
Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas
Known Relatives: Corvidae family??
Favorite Foods: Boiled Crawdads
Gracko is a Great-tailed Grackle from San Antonio, Texas that loves drama and is very sarcastic; you’ll often find him pestering Dorse and Doose on many of there adventures. Though he is known to pester everyone on the ranch, Piggin is number one on his list to pester because he cooks his favorite food. His favorite food is boiled crawdads, and on that note Gracko will stop at nothing when it comes to trying to eat Piggins friend and pet Rocky the crawdad. Read a bit more here.

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Raffles the Manx Cat - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Manx Cat
Occupation: Friend, WINNER!
Place of Birth: West Palm Beach, Florida
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Foods: Chocolate Shakes
Raffles, is a manx cat on a mission to WIN in any and everything he becomes involved in. Though he never really means any harm, Raffles wants to be ‘in-the-know’ on every event on the ranch and this becomes very irritating for his friends. Raffles will go through great lengths to prove a point, but the main points that he wants to prove is that Dorse is NOT a dog, but a horse and the fact that Cats are smarter than dogs…PERIOD. Raffles loves Chocolate Shakes and because of this unusual craving, Dorse and Doose have given him the nickname ‘The Chocolate Shake Kitteh’ or simply ‘The Chocolate’   Read a bit more here.

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Hotch Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Scottish Fold Cat
Occupation: Tough Alley Cat!
Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Foods: Piggin’s Scottish Cod
Hotch, the tough Scottish fold cat has made his way to the Stone’s ranch to settle unfinished business with Raffles. Hotch has been given the nickname ‘Mean Kitty’ because he’s mean…yes its that simple. He is tough as nails and always eager to show his power, especially when dealing with Raffles. Hotch has a serious feud with Raffles that has been going on for a long time and has only gotten worse. Like his rival Raffles, Hotch is also very competitive  but has never gotten the upper hand on Raffles in any of their past competitive encounters but he is determined to get his victory.   Read a bit more here.

Little-Bitty MEAN KITTY’

Potch aka Little Bitty Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Siamese Cat
Occupation: Sly Alley Cat!
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Foods: Red Curry – Thai HOT
Potch, the upscale,sly, deceptive alley cat craves attention and loves mischief and adventure stirs things up on the Stone’s Ranch. Don’t be fooled by her smiling cat-face, she is part of ”The Mean Kitteh’s’ who cause problems for Raffles and the rest of the animals on the Stone’s Ranch. Potch was nicknamed the ‘Little-Bitty Mean Kitty’ because she can be a little bit mean, but nothing like her counterpart Hotch who is ALL MEAN. When Hotch and Potch are on the ranch, you’re gonna need damage control. Read a bit more here.

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Mondo - The Chupacabra - GudFit Entertainment

Classification: Chupacabra
Occupation: Sly, Crafty, Chupacabra out to make a meal of Curry Goat.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Foods: Curry Goat
Mondo is a very smart, charming, smooth talking chupacabra with a quick temper that wants his way, but often runs into problems with Lanza the llama who protects Curry the Goat. Though he may be charming at times, he has a very quick temper. Mondo see’s Lanza as the ultimate challenge, so that’s why he tries so hard to succeed in catching Curry the goat.  It’s not really sure when Mondo arrived at the Stone’s ranch but he has been on the hunt for Curry ever since.  Read a bit more here.

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