Nov 292011



Potch, the sly and deceptive alley cat has arrived and she’s being as posh as she can be…with a little hint of MEANESS.
Potch aka Little-Bitty Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment
This Siamese cat has ties to Thailand but she was rescued from a pound out in Florida where she met up with Hotch. She didn’t like the name given to her by the pound so she changed it to Potch, to go along with Hotch who happens to be from Scotland. She’s an upscale, intelligent cat that craves attention, loves mischief and adventure. Potch was at the famous Katnip Race in West Palm Beach Florida, where she saw Hotch lose the prize to Raffles. Though she would never admit it, she has always been impressed by the intelligence and the winning spirit of Raffles. So between Hotch and Raffles, she really enjoys the attention that she gets from the both of them.
Potch aka Little Bitty Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment
Don’t be fooled by her smiling cat-face, she is part of ”The Mean Kitteh’s’ who cause problems for Raffles and the rest of the animals on the Stone’s Ranch. Potch was nicknamed the ‘Little-Bitty Mean Kitty’ because she can be a little bit mean, but nothing like her counterpart Hotch who is ALL MEAN. When Hotch and Potch are on the ranch, you’re gonna need damage control.  🙂


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