Sep 052011



Hello everyone, we would like to introduce you to Gracko the wacky wacko grackle from San Antonio.

Gracko is a Great-tailed Grackle from San Antonio, Texas. He’s in hiding from Los Corvus at the Stone Ranch. Los Corvus is a gang of Crows from Mexico that believe Gracko is a member of the Corvidae family, so they call him “Cuervo”. Their mission is to bring “Cuervo” (Gracko) back to his long lost family in Mexico. Gracko loves drama and is very sarcastic; you’ll often find him pestering Dorse and Doose on many of there adventures. Though he is known to pester everyone on the ranch, Piggin is number one on his list to pester because he cooks his favorite food. His favorite food is boiled crawdads, and on that note Gracko will stop at nothing when it comes to trying to eat Piggins friend and pet Rocky the crawdad.

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