Apr 302012

The Avengers have arrived to save the world, but they have also inspired a new avengers team of animals assembled to save their beloved Stone’s Ranch from the forces of ‘Joki’.

Animal Avengers - GudFit Entertainment

One of the largest assembly of heroes are taking over theaters all over the world and saving us all. Some critics and others have said that a movie of this magnitude is impossible as well as the collection of characters in the film. Some even though the idea was insane, well if they think that is wild then how wild is the thought of an actual Animal Avengers assembly. Now this is just a spoof, so there is not a huge blockbuster on the way but it is most definitely good for a smile to see your favorite characters from the Dorse and Doose show like you have never seen them before. You already know who the Avengers are that we grew up with so lets jump right into the cast of The Animal Avengers for all of the new viewers who do not know the Dorse and Doose crew!

Animal Avengers - Doose Furry
Doose the dog is playing the role of Doose Furry. Of course Doose would be the boss of the team just like Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in the movie. You can bet that Raffles the cat will have something to say about this.

Animal Avengers - Captain Dorse
Captain America is played by the one and only Dorse the horse…or should I say, dog. *sigh* Dorse is the captain of this unlikely team as Captain Dorse, plain and simple.

Animal Avengers - IronRaff
Raffles aka IronRaff is playing as ‘Tony Stark’s Ironman’. And yes he is just like Stark, “…what was is, volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others.” Especially dogs and horse-dogs.

Animal Avengers - Potch Widow
The Little-Bitty Mean Kitty, Potch tries on Scarlett Johansson’s tights as Potch Widow. Don’t get her upset!

Animal Avengers - Mondor
The position of Thor is filled by Mondo the Chupacabra playing the part of Mondor! If you hold the rubber mallet you possess the power of Mondor…something like that.

Animal Avengers - Poop-Eye
Curry Goat and Lanza team up to play Poop-Eye, not to be confused with Hawkeye! Hawkeye is deadly accurate with arrows and Poop-Eye is deadly accurate with . . .with. . . poop.

Animal Avengers - Hulkitty
Hulk or should we say Hulkitty is played my Mean Kitty Hotch. Hotch is pretty much always angry so he will be Hulkitty quite often so get ready for. . . HOTCH SMASH!

Animal Avengers - Joki Appleseed
There has to be a a villain and Johnny Appleseed has taken on that job as the sinister Loki. . .opps I meant to say Joki Appleseed. He is anything but a joke so don’t play him cheap, I mean com’on, he’s gonna try and take over the world and that ain’t no joke!

Ladies and gentlemen, fan boys and girls, the Animal Avengers have been assembled! The  poster below will be available at our shows this summer (Stan Lee’s Scifi Expo in Dallas, Phoenix Comic Con, Heroes Con in Charlotte NC, and San Diego Comic Con) for as long as we have them in stock.
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  1. Captain Dorse can save me any day! So darn awesome!

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