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Hello there Dorse and Doose fans, today we would like to introduce you to Lanza the Lavender Llama from Luján, Argentina!

Lanza the Lavender Llama

Lanza, (short for Alanza which means – ready for battle) is a smart, gentle, and brave llama that protects her farm and everything on it. She is truly a sweetheart until intruders arrive and then she will quickly turn into the vicious super llama and bite the tail off of the wary intruders. Dorse and Doose have had many close encounters with Lanza that normally end with Lanza getting the upper-hand. Dorse thinks that Lanza is the most adorable creature ever, but Lanza is all about business and is not easily swayed.

Lanza the Lavender Llama

This latina llama has come a long way from home  to be a part of the many adventures of Dorse and Doose. Back in Argentina, Lanza was the protector of the Lavanda ranch where she ran off every intruder who set foot on the property. There was a greater need for Lanza’s service on the ranch where Dorse and Doose sometimes hang out. There she protects all the goods, even Curry Goat from all predators and intruders, this even includes Dorse and Doose. She has chased away coyotes, foxes, weasels, dogs, cats, bears, wolves, people, and flying insects that sting; but her greatest challenge lies ahead with an unknown creature that will arrive that she has not dealt with in the past.
When Lanza is off duty and roaming freely she, participates in many of the wild adventures of Dorse and Doose and even learns a think or two about how to be a good dog from Doose.

She may be a Lavender Llama, but she’s also tough so stay on your toes! Stay tuned for D&D comics featuring and staring Lanza.
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