Aug 122011

Hello there Dorse and Doose fans, today we would like to re-introduce you to the one and only Johnny Appleseed!

Johnny Appleseed - GudFit Entertainment

We recently changed the character design a bit for the new direction of the Dorse and Doose Show.  We felt that the original character design was a bit too rigid and  looked a bit out of place in the world of Dorse and Doose so we revised him and made him a bit more youthful. Johnny Appleseed, the friendly pioneer Nurseryman and Conservationist has been planting apple trees and building nurseries all over the country for all of his life and enjoys it immensely. However, Johnny often finds himself on the look-out because he is always being ambushed by Dorse and Doose. Johnny is a nature boy and loves animal, but Dorse and Doose and the crew often pester him for the best apples.

Johnny Appleseed - Character Bio - GudFit Entertainment

When dear Johnny is not on the run from Dorse and Doose, he is tending to his nurseries to make sure that they are safe and healthy. The harvest season is the most busiest time for Johnny, especially with Dorse out there lurking. Johnny has gone through great lengths to protect his nurseries, even hiring Lanza to patrol certain locations from time to time. Look for Johnny to make comic appearances in the series called Ambushing Appleseed and other Dorse and Doose webcomics here!

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