Oct 122011

Halò fans, one of the most intimidating characters has arrived on the scene or should we say the ranch, and he’s causing trouble whenever and wherever he can.
Hotch Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment
Hotch, the pugnacious alley cat from Edinburgh, Scotland has made his way to the Stone’s ranch to settle unfinished business with Raffles. Hotch is a Scottish Fold cat, so he has tiny ears that fold over forward, but whatever you do don’t make fun of his cute little ears or his traditional kilt or else you will be pounced on and pummeled! Hotch has been given the nickname ‘Mean Kitty’ because he is mean…yes it’s that simple. He’s tough as nails and always eager to show his power, especially when dealing with Raffles. Hotch has a serious feud with Raffles that has been going  for a long time and has only gotten worse. Like his rival Raffles, Hotch is also very competitive  but has never gotten the upper hand on Raffles in any of their past competitive encounters.  When Raffles won the most valuable prize, the Katnip Bell in the West Palm Beach Katnip Race a while back; that was the last straw for Hotch and he vowed revenge!
Hotch Mean Kitty - GudFit Entertainment
Hotch leads a group of awnry alley cats called ‘The Mean Kitteh’s and they often cause problems for Raffles and even Dorse and Doose at times. They try to avoid starting any trouble with Lanza the llama…they are not that tough or crazy! 😀  The Mean Kitteh’s group consists of Potch (Little-Bitty Mean Kitty), Marbo (aka Tha Whoppa), and Socrates (aka Socs); Raffles and the rest of the characters on the Stone’s Ranch have their hands full with these characters, so we’ll see what happens in their adventures. 🙂


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