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The Muscle of the team, the fun, and fearless big brother to Cool, leads the duo but sometimes his slight paranoia and over anxiousness gets in the way and his sister has to calm him down. Cute considers himself to be the leader of the duo because he figures that he is the oldest and the wisest, but he is always willing to hear what his sister has to say.

Cute has a very peculiar name that seems to cause others to struggle mentally when they hear it, but he just uses it as an icebreaker and punch line since he is quite the jokester. Cute has a built-in charm that causes many females of all species to become attracted to him – so he enjoys being the ladies man quite a bit. All jokes aside, he absolutely loves the responsibility of being a superhero and will risk it all to save his home and anyone in need of help. He trains Parkour and Free-Running just as hard as Cool throughout the enormous city, Amphibiland.

Cute loves his sister more than anything – since the two of them only have each other with no recollection of their past; it has made them even closer siblings. Just like his sister, this high-energy newt will play “Newt Tag” with his sister whenever he thinks about it.

Home: Amphibiland

Name: Cute
Species: Red-Spotted Newt
Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: The Super Newts
Place of Birth: Yet to be discovered.

First Appearance: Comic Issue #1 The Super Within

Abilities: Parkour & Free Running – Brave
Powers: Super Enhanced strength – keen sense of smell – Many powers undetermined

Known Relatives: Cool