Cormick - Super NewtsCormick is the genius that creates all the uniforms, vehicles, and gadgets for the Super Newts. He has a very playful sense of humor and often finds ways to work his jokes into some of the gadgets he creates. His role as Scientist/ Engineer/Handyman is super important to the team and to Cormick personally because it gives his life new purpose.Cormick is finding new life after years of depression due to the loss of his wife. He has always wanted to do what he felt was right, but when he tried to become a superhero he failed miserably. His desperation to combat crime and depression eventually led to the him losing his job with the government as a Scientist and Engineer.

Being that his job was very important, Cormick has important knowledge of top secret government projects. Cormick knows that if this knowledge gets into the wrong hands it could mean disaster, so he pretends to know nothing as if his memory has been wiped. In attempt to pretend unknowing; Cormick has been looked upon as by many as a bit of a loon, but that is how he likes it.

Home: Amphibiland

Name: Cormick
Species: North American Newt
Occupation: Scientist/Engineer/Handyman/Insider

Affiliations: The Super Newts
Place of Birth: Amphibiland

First Appearance: Comic Issue #2 A Newt Beginning

Abilities: Highly IntelligentSense of Humor – Somewhat Brave
Powers: None

Known Relatives: Nia

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