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Cool is the smooth one of the Super Newts and the younger sister to Cute. She lets her brother believe that he is the leader of the team but actually she runs the show in most cases. Cool really cares a lot about her fellow Amphibians and loves being in a position as superhero and role-model for the tadpoles. Cool is cool, calm, smart, sexy, thrill-seeking newt that loves being a superhero and is not afraid to get physical.

Her name ‘Cool’ fits her personality perfectly; she is calm and under control in most situations so you won’t see this sexy newt startled very often. Like her brother, she loves training Parkour and Free-Running through the lush world of Amphibiland. “Newt Tag”, happens to be her favorite game and she will play it as often as possible with her brother.

Cool loves her brother Cute as much as he loves her and she will give her life to save him. Her inner struggle is that she wants to know more about her past, but she remains calm because her belief is that when the time comes all the mysteries will come to light.

Home: Amphibiland

Name: Cool
Species: Red-Spotted Newt
Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: The Super Newts
Place of Birth: Yet to be discovered.

First Appearance: Comic Issue #1 The Super Within

Abilities: Parkour & Free Running – Highly IntelligentBrave
Powers: Super Enhanced speed – keen hearing – Many powers undetermined

Known Relatives: Cute