Aug 232010

Artist AJ Moore - The Expendables

Sometimes I will see something out in the world that is so interesting or moving that I have to draw something dedicated to it. In this case it is the movie The Expendables that had my attention for the time. Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet. I think that this just may be the most ‘manliest’ movie to date, it kept the action going from beginning to end. I must say, the storyline was not as bad as I first thought it would be. It was good to see a lot of the old action stars mixed in with the rising stars doing what they all do best and that’s kick @$$.

Here are a few heroes didn’t make that cut for the movie, but they should have made it!: Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damm

Was there anyone in there that you feel should have been in there? I know there’s someone that I’m missing.

Not really sure on who my favorite is from this insane lineup but, for me its a tie between Stallone and Stathum. Did you have a favorite? If you did have a favorite, who and why?

This one is for the fans just like me that have wanted to see a movie like this made forever! I wanted to make sure that I left the drawing very rough and rugged, just like the film. Let me know what you think of the drawing.

Art by: AJ 

Media: Digital Art

  2 Responses to “The Expendables”

  1. GREAT work!!!

    Jackie Chan couldn’t do it because it was filming about the same time the Karate Kid was if I am not mistaken.

    Don’t get me wrong, but Terry Crews an action hero? He is more of a comedian IMO.

    • Hehehehe. Yea Terry Crews as an action hero is pretty funny, I guess that was supposed to be the punchline. He was pretty funny in there. But yea maybe Jackie can cameo in the sequel! 😀

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