Mar 082011

I found this post on Furious Fanboys and I decided to put my two cents in on this.
For those who missed it, looks like Red Skull has a extreme make-over for the new Captain America film. I was wondering how they were going to pull it off but from this picture, he looks friggin AWESOME!  When I first heard Hugo Weaving was going to be the Red Skull, I was like hmm I hope they disguise him well because I don’t want to be thinking about Agent Smith while looking at Red Skull.

Its so cool that he actually looks like a badass! All that leather must be hot and heavy, but since Skull won’t be running around in the sun he should be fine.
So now that Entertainment Weekly has done their part revealing Skull, what do you think? Is it working or not?
Yes, Red Skulls new look gets the thumbs up here.


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