Aug 302011



Katy Perry was really daring and colorful for the VMA 2011, so she makes our Gudfit VMA drawing for this year.

Artist AJ Moore - Katy Perry

It’s no surprise that Katy Perry’s “Firework” is VMA Video of the year, congrats on that Katy! 😀

It’s pretty cool that she managed to wear 4 outfits that night which were also pleasing to look at. Well when you have looks as good as Katy, outfits tend to look even better and/or sexier anyhow. This particular outfit that was completed with a yellow cube hat was taken from Christian Dior’s Fall 2011 collection; for all those who were wondering who was the designer. The pink and green pastel colors were an excellent choice and went really well with the cube hat. Since we are on the cube hat…wasn’t that a very interesting thought? The color, size, and randomness reminded me of something that could have been from the wonderful world of Dr. Suess, loved it!

This drawing was done with pencil on paper, where it was later cleaned up and scanned into the computer where the painting was done. Took appox. 4hrs to complete from start to finish.

Art by: AJ
Media: Pencil/scan/Digital Ink

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