Oct 302013

It’s that time again for another GudFit book signing at the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio, TX. Dorse and Doose and the crew are back for more adventures on the Red Stone’s Ranch in Book#2: Dog Gone Frisbee.
Dorse & Doose book#2 signning - The Twig Book ShopThank you once again to The Twig for the opportunity to share our stories with the people of San Antonio. The Twig Book Shop is located at the former Pearl Brewery on the Museum Reach of the Riverwalk, The Twig provides newly released books for children and adults as well as award-winning classics. The Twig makes books available for book clubs, schools, and conferences.
200 E. Grayson Street, Suite 124 ~ San Antonio, TX 78215

The event will be on Saturday, Novembe 16th from 10am – 12pm.
A little after 10 the artist and co-writer AJ Moore will read for you (especially for the children) the story of Dorse and Doose. AJ and co writer Antonio Moore will be signing autographs to all those who purchase a copy of the book. This is a family event so please bring your children and your friends. If you want to bring your dog as well, bring them because we have Super Frisbees for all who purchase book #2. ๐Ÿ˜€

About the Book
Dorse and Doose Book2 Cover - GudFit Entertainment
This book has two full stories, one with Dorse and Doose; and the other is with Raffles, Hotch, Potch, and Curry the goat.ย  The first story – ‘Sit, Stay, Dorse PLAY’ is About Dorse the horse who thinks that he’s a dog, learning how to fetch the Super Frisbee from his best friend/teacher Doose the dog. Doose is assisted in his lesson by Gracko and Piggin all while a new character named Ting-Ting makes things a bit tough. The second story titled The Gumbo Rumble involves 3 cats, 1 pooping goat, 1 tractor, and 1 seriously good bowl of gumbo made by Piggin. See the full cast here.


Dorse and Doose book2: Gumbo Rumble

Story 2: Gumbo Rumble with Raffles, Hotch, Potch, Piggin, and Curry Goat.

Each page displays full vibrant illustrations, with creative literature and humor. This book only comes in paper back with a 120 pages of full content and itโ€™s smaller size makes it portable to take almost anywhere. This book is the first of ten books in the Dorse and Doose series. Also we will have the new Coloring Books and Super Newts comics available.
Dorse Coloring and Activity BookSuper_Newts_ad





The Twig Book Signing
Hope to see you at the book signing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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