Oct 312012

For the second time this week we have received fan art and this time it’s of the loveable pooper Curry the Goat, from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Now if you know anything about Curry, then you must know that if you have the cute Curry-face on the front then its a MUST, to put a wagging tail and pooper on the backside.
This pooping pumpkin was painted by fans in El Paso, Texas that we met at the Ep-Con show earlier this year and we are proud to say that they are most definitely fans of Curry Goat.  It just so happens that this family also designs custom figure and toys. Check out more of Donald and William’s designs at their  Kody Koala website. The Hungry Hungry Koopas Game is our favorite.

Very nice work on the Curry Goat pumpkin, we love it and keep the creative ideas flowing! 😀
Do you think we should have a place on our site for fan art?

  2 Responses to “Curry Goat Fan Art on a Pumpkin for Halloween!”

  1. Yes! More fan art!! : D I love that you are inspiring others to be creative. That really can’t be beat! 😉
    Happy Halloween!!

    • Ok so that’s one ‘yes’ for the fan art page. will there be more is the question. Thanks Nicki, Happy Halloween.

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