Jan 112011

The movie Black Swan is one of those films that has stuck in my head, that means there is artwork to create.

Okay here we have Nina (Natalie Portman) yelling at the artistic director Thomas (Vincent Cassel) because it appears that he has replaced her with a feathery and less graceful impostor. Don’t be fooled by the comic above, Black Swan is not a comedy, I just found a small gap where I could add some comedy in there.

Cinematic art most definitely flexes its muscle in Black Swan and the casting is excellent. The mood of the film made me feel like I was watching a live performance at times rather than an actual film. Natalie Portman(sorry SW fans I didn’t call her Padme) can add dancing to her resume just above ‘can blast battle droids’.  😉 Okay all jokes aside for a second, her performance as Nina is phenomenal, some people may not realize the skill that it takes to dance ballet. Black Swan is not your typical ballet/dance inspired movie, so please give it a chance and see it. If you do not enjoy the story then perhaps you can savor every bit of the artistic merit that went into this film.

Art by: AJ 

Media: Digital Art Comic


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