May 232011


The only way to release the frustration with one of my once favorite action stars, Arnold Schwarznegger, is to draw out the frustration and have a laugh.

ArtistAJ Moore - Arnold

ArtistAJ Moore - Arnold

I’m not going to go there with silly questions of why and how could he. Lets just focus on all the comedic revenge that could be taken in the context of a movie/comic setting. Sometimes in life we make terrible choices that we have to deal with the consequences that can sometimes be very dire. In this case , this is what would have taken place if Maria Shriver was a T-1000 Terminator model. Perhaps Arnold should be grateful that she is not the T-1000 or any sort of Terminator in this case. Maria has that sweetheart-like way about her, so this is a possibility of what could happen if she stepped out of her sweetheartedness for a second.

Keep in mind, THIS IS A JOKE!

Art by: AJ 


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  1. Oh Aj, this made me laugh, but I agree with where you are going with this. Made my day! =0)

    Keep them coming!

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