Dec 132015
Dorse, Doose, & Super Newts at Laredo Book Festival 2015

Saturday – December 12th, Artist AJ Moore of GudFit Entertainment was one of the featured authors at the Laredo Book Festival held  at the Laredo Public Library. First off I’d like to thank the Laredo Public Library for inviting me and putting on a great festival. The turnout was good and the attendees seemed to more »

Jul 162014
Farewell San Diego Comic Con

Thanks to everyone for believing in us and supporting us over the years at San Diego Comic Con. It’s been a good run. Enjoy the video. 😀

May 192014
Dallas Comic Con, Dorse, and Super Newts

Hello fans and everyone else out there, just doing a quick recap of the weekend at Dallas Comic Con for the GudFit Team. Your favorite characters from The Super Newts and the Adventures of Dorse and Doose were once again at Dallas Comic Con and brought quite a few smiles to peoples faces. Many returned more »

Jan 302014
Doose's Recommends - Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy - Chistopher Hart

Hello fans and fellow artist, Doose is here to recommend a drawing book for you. Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy by Christopher Hart. Like with any reference material and or information, you have to use what will work for you because every technique shown will not work for you. This book is NOT the cure-all for more »

Nov 172013
The Twig Book Signing #2 - Dorse and Doose

Saturday – November 16, GudFit held their second book signing at the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio, Texas for the Adventures of Dorse and Doose book#2: Dog Gone Frisbee. We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us at the signing, we are simply dreamers without the fans support. There were many more »

Nov 052013
INSIDE LOOK: Super Newts Comic #4 Blood Type Sangre

The time is drawing near for the long anticipated release of Comic #4 of The Super Newts. This is part 1 of 4 in the Blood Type Sangre series titled Feud By Blood. In this four part series Cool and Cute will discover and confront a vicious secret army led by the Dark Lord Sangre more »

Oct 302013
Dorse and Doose Book Signing #2 at The Twig Book Shop

It’s that time again for another GudFit book signing at the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio, TX. Dorse and Doose and the crew are back for more adventures on the Red Stone’s Ranch in Book#2: Dog Gone Frisbee. Thank you once again to The Twig for the opportunity to share our stories with the more »

Sep 262013
Throwback Thursday: Piggin & Miss Piggy at Muppet Movie Premiere 1979

Piggin has always had a thing for Miss Piggy so there was a potluck cooking contest where the winner would win a trip to the Muppet Movie Premiere to meet the one and only. As you can see Piggin was the winner and his dream came true and he was completely starstruck that he could more »

Sep 242013
Happy Birthday Jim Henson: Super Newts take Kermit for some Parkour & Freerunning

Today is Jim Henson’s birthday and the GudFit team wanted to draw a little something fun in his memory. Kermit the Frog has come to Amphibiland and has decided to go on a mission with the Super Newts, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.Can Kermit do any Parkour or Freerunning?! more »

Sep 192013
Throwback Thursday: Lanza - Llama with Black Eye

Learn about Lanza the fighting Llama Don’t Forget to Like Dorse and Doose on Facebook! 😀

Sep 122013
Throwback Thursday: Curry Goat - The Land Before Poop

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Sep 052013
Throwback Thursday: Dorse and Doose - Hakuna Matata
Aug 202013
San Diego Comic Con Intl 2013 - GudFit Recap

San Diego Comic Con is in the history books now and we wanted to thank everyone that attended the show, especially those who stopped by our table. It is always a pleasure being surprised by fans that  we’ve met at other shows over the past 3 years. This year the the focus was the release more »

Jul 162013
The First Dorse and Doose Coloring and Activity Book

Hello again everyone we are proud to present to you the first Coloring and Activity Book from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose. There are 40 pages of coloring, mazes, and puzzles for you to enjoy. Please feel free to share your coloring pages with us through email or in the comments below or on more »

Jul 162013
GudFit releases Dorse and Doose Book2 Dog Gone Frisbee!

Hello everyone we are proud to present to you Book2 from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose: Dog Gone Frisbee. For all those who have been anticipating the release of Book 2, we would like to thank you for your patience. There was a lot of red tape to get this book completed and ready more »