Jul 152011



Hello Newt fans, we are proud to let you know that the 3rd issue of The Super Newts – The Fangless Vampire has been completed and will be available at San Diego Comic Con at the GudFit booth. Q-04
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In this issue, Cool and Cute take on their very first real super villain called the Fangless Vampire. Fangless…? Well if that name seems odd to you then you just might be new the mysterious wold of The Super Newts. But how can you bite someone with no teeth…let alone, be a fangless vampire? Has Dracula gotten old and lost his fangs? Ok, well all we can say is that it Dracula will never get old enough to lose his fangs, and that it is possible to bite someone with no fangs and you will learn how its done.
Cormick makes his return in this issue, and has already begun creating new gadgets for the Super Newts as well as getting into trouble. Who the heck is Cormick? Okay you can get acquainted with Cormick here!
There are 2 new recurring characters that make their debut in this issue: Rubie Roslyn from KYAM Channel 11 news and Dr Tae Ribbs. You can read a brief bio on these two in the Supporting Cast section of the Super Newts page.

The Super Newts really have their work cutout for them going up against this nasty, blood-thirsty creature that can move almost as easily as they can. Preview the first couple of pages here!

Thank you all for the support and your patience, it always feels great to be appreciated especially when it’s for doing something that you truly love.


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