Nov 172013

AJ Moore signing at The Twig Book Shop.Saturday – November 16, GudFit held their second book signing at the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio, Texas for the Adventures of Dorse and Doose book#2: Dog Gone Frisbee.

We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us at the signing, we are simply dreamers without the fans support. There were many new faces at this signing and you can guarantee there wasn’t any less energy, especially from the children. This time we elected to do 2 different readings just to get everyone up to speed with the Dorse and Doose characters from book#1 and book#2. Just as Curry Goat did in the book#1, Ting-Ting was the big ‘buzz’ of the new book#2 since he’s an African Killer Bee with a hot temper.

Ting-Ting the African Killer Bee - GudFit EntertainmentWhile we’re on the topic of characters, it was fun to open up a little Q&A after the reading. One child asked, ‘How come Ting-Ting doesn’t die after he stings Dorse, because bee’s are supposed to die after they sting you?’ The answer there for this young one was: “Ting-Ting is an African Killer Bee, so that means that he can sting you as many times as he wants to; So be sure not to make him upset!.” That is why it’s important that we take the time to research our characters during their creation process because kids can be very knowledgeable with some things. Hahaha priceless moments.

The Adventures of Dorse and Doose characters are a very diverse bunch with characters from all walks of life so there always seems to be that one character that a child can relate to in some form or fashion. We currently have 4 bilingual characters; Mondo the chupacabra, Gracko the grackle, and Lanza the llama speak Spanish and Potch is Thai so she can speak Thai.

Mondo - Gracko - Lanza - Potch - GudFit Entertainment

Mondo the chupacabra   –   Gracko the grackle   –   Lanza the llama   –   Potch the siamese cat

It’s a ton of fun writing for these characters and hearing feedback from our readers and fans, so please continue to keep telling us about Dorse and Doose and The Super Newts. Speaking of The Super Newts, we had quite a few inquiries about them at the signing and we are looking to bring the free-running Newts right into the Twig Book Shop with The Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Please enjoy the pics from the book signing and don’t forget to share.
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