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GudFit will be showing at Texas Comicon 2011 in our home town, San Antonio Texas from June 24th – 26th. There is a lot of anticipation built up for this one since it will be here in our hometown. We are really looking forward to meeting and making some hometown fans and having some Texas-style fun! Make a stop at table 158 and check out the Super Newts and Dorse and Doose. Its about time the Super Newts got to do a bit of parkour and free-running down in south Texas.

Texas Comicon

Since we have been traveling around the state of Texas we have ran into quite a few people who say “I wish San Antonio had a comic convention.” Okay well we are glad to be the first to tell you that we do have a comic convention here in San Antonio. It’s your job to tell people and to attend so that it can grow like the larger cons. (San Diego, Wondercon, etc)  🙂
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San Antonio Events Center
8111 Meadow Leaf
San Antonio, Texas 78227

All of those who are looking for collectibles, cool tees, and what-nots be sure to get here. I guarantee you will walk down memory lane big time, looking at the old G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Transformers figures.

We were pleased  discover that we will once again be in the same show as some of my fellow artist this year.

Super Mercado
We will be neighbors to the award winning animator, writer, and director Yehudi Mercado of Super Mercado Comics and Films. Be sure to check his work out at table 157!
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also check out Turbo PIZZA!
Brass Comics
Another friend and fellow artist that you should check out is Brass Comics at table 132. Be sure to get a commission piece at this booth.
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Mark Nasso
Be sure to get to table 103 and check out is Mark Nasso and pick up a copy of Land of the Rats
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Get Tickets online or at the door! Texas Comicon
We hope to see you at the Convention!

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