Oct 292012

Super Newts fanart sm Robert MeriwetherJust wanted to share this recent fan art of our very own characters Cool and Cute: The Super Newts. This has been the first fan art brought to our attention by artist Robert Meriwether who is going to be starting a comic of his own in the near future.

We had to write about this because for one we love fan art and two, it is really exciting to have fan art created for the characters you’ve created. Our first fan art ever created was for Dorse and Doose; out of England but this time the fan art comes out of the USA. It’s always interesting to see how another artist interprets your characters with line quality, shading, and overall style.

Thank you Robert and fellow Super Newts fans for all your love and support.

~AJ & Antonio Moore

The Super Newts - GudFit Entertainment by Robert Meriwether

The Super Newts fan art by Robert Meriwether

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