Aug 202013
Dorse, Doose, and Curry Goat - GudFit Entertainment

San Diego Comic Con is in the history books now and we wanted to thank everyone that attended the show, especially those who stopped by our table. It is always a pleasure being surprised by fans that  we’ve met at other shows over the past 3 years.

This year the the focus was the release of our much anticipated Book 2 from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose: Dog Gone Frisbee.  Over the past few months, a young lady by the name Natalie had been consistently writing us and keeping us on our toes to get this second book completed in time for San Diego. She picked up a copy of book 1 last year at San Diego Comic Con and was fortunate enough to get a ticket for this year so we really didn’t want to let her down and the rest of the people who were awaiting its release.

In addition to the book 2 we also had a new release of our first Coloring and Activity book from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Many parents have suggested that we have one to accompany the reading material so we have answered your requests. The Dorse & Doose coloring book was  a success at the show because it gives children a chance to color and engage their minds with the games and activities. Dorse and Doose Coloring & Activity Book and Book#2 can be purchased here and at any comic conventions we attend. Follow Dorse and crew on Facebook.

Cool and Cute - The Super Newts - GudFit Entertainment

Cool and Cute – The Super Newts

The Super Newts were definitely not forgotten at the big show even though the fourth comic has yet to be released. There were many new fans to the Super Newts that were eager to get caught up on the series. We left a huge cliffhanger in comic #3 where the Super Newts take on the Fangless Vampire in the dark alleyways of Amphibiland. All Super Newt gears are fulling turning again so prepare to Newt-Up for the Bloodtype Sangre series. Thank you for the support. Become a Super Newts Fan on Facebook.


Two other amazing independent artist that you all should check out are Vince Riley of 17 Machine Studios and  our con neighbor; Rob Carter’s Aen Chronicles of Shades of Shadows.  You won’t be disappointed cause they do fantastic art work and if you get a chance to meet them at a show they are a pleasure to meet so please show em some love.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy from our San Diego Comic Con experience.

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