Sep 052012

I briefly had a chance to meet my favorite WNBA Team The San Antonio Silver Stars today so they got to have a laugh at my new cartoon of the whole team. It was good laughs and good fun with all the ladies joking around about each others likeness in the picture. It was good to meet them all and see them all smile and take pics of the drawing, and Ziomara Morrison pretty much left me speechless. <3

Silver Stars-AJ Moore-GudFit Entertainment

Starting from top left to right: Steve Shuman (Assistant Coach) – Dan Hughes (Head Coach & GM) – The Fox – #33 Sophia Young –  #32 Jayne Appel – #23 Danielle Adams – #17 Ziomara Morrison <3 – #50 Tangela Smith

Row 2 left to right: Vickie Johnson (Assistant Coach) – #20 Shameka Christon – #13 Danielle Robinson – #25 Becky Hammon – #7 Jia Perkins – #41 Tully Bevilaqua – #42 Shenise Johnson
Completed on 09/05/2012 – 10hrs(4am – 2pm)

Digital inking – 16×20

SilverStars-AJ Moore-GudFit Entertainment

It was the Silver Stars Photo Day so I was able to receive autographs from all of the players and the head coach, sorry this is not for sale. 😉

SilverStars-Becky Hammon-GudFit Entertainment

Had a short and sweet conversation with Beck Hammon about how I created the drawing and the giggling and jokes began. There are more pics on Facebook.

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