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Howdy everyone, we would like to introduce you to Raffles, the competitive and witty manx cat from West Palm Beach, Florida.
Raffles - GudFit EntertainmentRaffles, is a manx cat on a mission to WIN in any and everything he becomes involved in. Yes he is a Manx cat so don’t give him any trouble about his stubby tail or lack there of. With  much curiosity and a highly competitive nature, Raffles is the kind of cat that you either love him or you just can’t stand him. Though he never really means any harm, Raffles wants to be ‘in-the-know’ on every event on the ranch and this becomes very irritating for his friends. Being over-inquisitive and an overall winner, Raffles has made a few enemies in his past that have managed to follow him to the Stone’s Ranch. A group of awnry alley cats called The Mean Kittehs, who are led by a large, mean, and pugnacious cat named Hotch. Raffles has managed to beat Hotch in every competition that the two of them have been in since the day they met. The most valuable prize ever won by Raffles was the Katnip Bell that he proudly wears on his collar. There was the one and only West Palm Beach Katnip Race that only takes place every 5 years, where he beat Hotch for the first place prize, The Katnip Bell. Raffles has had to walk carefully ever since that victory because Hotch wants to get revenge for the loss out in West Palm Beach.
Raffles the Manx Cat - GudFit Entertainment
Raffles is not the bravest of cat, so when it comes to confrontation so he fully relies on his brain rather than brawn to avoid any physical altercations. Raffles will go through great lengths to prove a point, but the main points that he wants to prove is that Dorse is NOT a dog, but a horse and the fact that Cats are smarter than dogs…PERIOD. Yeah, good luck with that Raffles! 😀 Raffles doesn’t hunt as many other cats do, but Gracko becomes a pouncing target every now and again. Raffles favorite food Chocolate Shakes made by the one and only, Piggin. This is unusual for a cat to like shakes but  Raffles will go through great lengths to get his paws on a nice chocolate shake. For this unusual craving, Dorse and Doose have given him the nickname ‘The Chocolate Shake Kitteh’ or simply ‘The Chocolate’.


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