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Hello there everyone, we would like you all the meet the Pot-bellied Cajun Cook from New Orleans Piggin and his best friend Rocky the crawdad!

Piggin and Rocky - GudFit EntertainmentPiggin is one of the newer members to the Stone’s Ranch where many of the Dorse and Doose adventures take place. He brings with him a jolly personality, good food, and tons of soul to the Dorse and Doose Show. Piggin has been grilling for many years and has perfected his craft as he toured the county cooking at rodeos and many other ranches. This cajun pot-bellied pig is happy to call the Stones Ranch home after all his travels. He is known for his unmatchable recipe that he calls ‘Piggin Etoufee’. His pet and best friend Rocky the crawdad is the only other living being that knows the secret recipe to his Piggin Etoufee.   Piggin met little Rocky in a small swamp in Louisiana were Rocky had escaped from a crawdad show where he was the main attraction due to his unique appearance and boxing skills.  Now Rocky hangs out in Piggin’s kitchen helping him grill and cook up some of the best food for miles, also helping out as a security guard for the recipes.

Piggin and Rocky - GudFit Entertainment

Fortunately for Piggin, he is on the good side of Lanza the llama since he makes her fresh roasted corn! Piggin is always down for a party, but like most great chef’s ; cooking takes top priority. Dorse, Doose, and Curry are his best guests since they love to eat more than most of their friends. Piggin is also very competitive; never wanting to be out matched when eating up against Curry and Dorse – or cooking by the other cook, Johnny Appleseed. Stay tunes for Piggin and Rocky in the upcoming adventures of the Dorse and Doose Show and also look for Piggin  and your favorite characters in the Dorse and Doose webcomics here!

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