Super Newt Mainia has BEGUN!

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Oct 232010
Super Newt Mainia has BEGUN!

    It is now safe to say that The Super Newt Mainia has now begun! After our recent showings at New York Comic Con and APE in San Francisco, The Super Newts have generated some buzz as well as some fans. The image below was sent to us this morning from Brad N. out more »

Check out the Danity Kane comic!

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Oct 132010

    Danity Kane comic available now! [singlepic id=12 w=550 h=470 float=none] Hello everyone, for those who missed the news, this June the comic book publisher, EigoMANGA announced the release of the comic book mini-series of “Danity Kane” starting with “Danity Kane” Issue #1. “Danity Kane” is created by recording artist Dawn Richard, written by more »

GudFit at APE 2010 San Francisco

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Sep 292010

    click image to enlarge The Super Newts will be free running in San Francisco! [singlepic id=11 w=550 h=470 float=none] Some more Gud News for everyone! Looks like we are going to be showing at this years APE (Alternative Press Expo) at The Concourse Exhibition Center out in San Francisco on October 16th and more »

Sep 272010
Autumn Apocalypse

Autumn Apocalypse – Dee, Jay, Dorse and Doose

GudFit at New York ComicCon 2010

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Sep 242010
GudFit at New York ComicCon 2010

    click image to enlarge [singlepic id=10 w=550 h=470 float=none] Hello everyone! We are proud to let you know that we will be attending New York Comic Con this year, so be sure to make a stop at booth #346 and check us out. This will be our very first showing at a major more »

Sep 202010
Lady Gaga Meat Dress Outfit

Lady Gaga definitely has a unique sense of fashion as we all know by now. I’ve been asked several times from friends and through emails, “Hey AJ when are you going to draw something of Lady Gaga?” The truth is that I wanted to draw something of her, but I just didn’t know where to more »

Sep 122010
Terra Bite

Terra Bite – Dorse and Doose There’s a time for work and there’s a time for play, but there’s also a little bit of time for a little rest and relaxation. Dorse and Doose decided to  take it easy with a  little bit of late evening fishing at the lake. Well, I guess you can more »

Sep 042010
Tricky Treat

Tricky Treat – Curry Goat, Dorse and Doose Curry Goat is doing as he always does, search for things to eat but, this time Curry finds himself facing what seems like and uneatable meal. Dorse and Doose having spent the entire day sharpening up their art skills around the farm. Artwork and Story: AJ


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Aug 292010

Dorse and Doose Webcomics are now available! Now you can enjoy many adventures of Dorse and Doose, starting with the Training Days Series. Stay tuned for many more Dorse and Doose webcomics that we will be posting periodically. Thank you for your support and don’t forget to sign the guestbook on the homepage.

Aug 262010
Ambushing Appleseed

Ambushing Appleseed – Dorse and Doose feat: Johnny Appleseed This is the beginning of a series titled Ambushing Appleseed, where Dorse and Doose always find ways of ambushing the legend; you guessed it…Johnny Appleseed! See with your own eyes how jolly ole Johnny is safe nowhere while Dorse and Doose are on the prowl. Dorse more »

Aug 262010
Bath Wars: The Sneaky Cannonball

Bath Wars: The Sneaky Cannonball – Dorse and Doose Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we’d like to welcome you to Bath Wars! Dorse and Doose always want to play jokes and pranks on each other, but mostly when it is bath time. So just when you thought it was safe to take a bath…GOTCHA! more »

Aug 252010
Training Day 101

Training Day 101 – Dorse and Doose

Aug 232010
The Expendables

Sometimes I will see something out in the world that is so interesting or moving that I have to draw something dedicated to it. In this case it is the movie The Expendables that had my attention for the time. Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet. I think more »


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Jul 232010

San Diego Comic Con has been an amazing experience so far, and many fellow con goers have showed us lots of love. We would like to offer to all of you, The Super Newts Comic #1 for absolutely FREE until the end of Comic Con. Thats today, Friday through Sunday! Here is how it works. more »

Jul 212010

Tonight is preview night for comic con so we’re just gonna kick back and enjoy the previews. I wonder will there be any pre-cosplayers tonight? For you book readers out there, we just left some free book marks at the San Diego Public Library downtown.