Nov 292011
Potch aka Little-Bitty Mean Kitty arrives!

    Potch, the sly and deceptive alley cat has arrived and she’s being as posh as she can be…with a little hint of MEANESS. This Siamese cat has ties to Thailand but she was rescued from a pound out in Florida where she met up with Hotch. She didn’t like the name given to more »

Nov 282011
Guddies - Dorse, Doose, Curry, Lanza Wallpapers!

    We have  a NEW Guddies link under the Webcomics drop-down menu, where you can download our latest wallpapers for free! Download your free wallpapers here! Revamp your desktop with these hi-res wallpapers with some of the characters from the Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Featuring Dorse & Doose, Curry Goat, and Lanza the more »

Nov 252011
Pumpkin Prize!

Pumpkin Prize – Raffles, Piggin, and Rocky  introducing Hotch (Mean Kitty) More from The Adventures of Dorse and Doose Show: WebComics Here. The holidays have come to the Stone’s Ranch and Piggin and Rocky are baking away for Raffles and all their friends. See what happens when Mean-Kitty Hotch gets his claws on Piggins pies. more »

Nov 112011
Book #1 Dorse & Doose - Sit, Stay, Dorse PLAY

    Dorse and Doose children’s book is here! Just in time for the holidays, Gudfit proudly presents the release of Dorse and Doose: Sit, Stay, Dorse PLAY  Book# 1. This book has two full stories, one with Dorse and Doose; and the other with Curry and Lanza featuring a new character named Mondo. Each more »

Austin Comic Con gets Newts and Dorse’s!

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Nov 112011
Austin Comic Con gets Newts and Dorse's!

    Austin Comic Con returns and it’s going to get ‘Newted’ and ‘Dorsed’! The Adventures of DORSE and DOOSE! The city of Austin has shown us great support with all the shows thus far and we are looking forward to showing there once again.  Yes we have something NEW for EVERYONE, especially the young more »

Super Newts go Comikaze in Los Angeles!

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Nov 012011
Super Newts go Comikaze in Los Angeles!

    The Super Newts make their first Los Angeles appearance at Comikaze Expo 2011! We will be on hand showing all three current comics of   The Super Newts, at our table; #94.  The titles: The Super Newts Comic issue# 1 ‘The Super Within‘  –  The Super Newts Comic issue# 2 ‘A Newt Beginning‘  and  more »

Oct 122011
Hotch aka Mean Kitty, on the Scene!

Halò fans, one of the most intimidating characters has arrived on the scene or should we say the ranch, and he’s causing trouble whenever and wherever he can. Hotch, the pugnacious alley cat from Edinburgh, Scotland has made his way to the Stone’s ranch to settle unfinished business with Raffles. Hotch is a Scottish Fold more »

Oct 102011
A Private Pooping?

A Private Pooping – Dorse and Doose,  introducing Raffles More from The Adventures of Dorse and Doose Show: WebComics Here. Raffles makes his debut in ‘A Private Pooping’ telling Dorse and Doose a thing or two about pooping. Some animals just shouldn’t use a litter box.  Enjoy! 🙂

Sep 262011
Fall U Can Eat!

Fall U Can Eat! – Curry Goat and Gracko More from The Adventures of Dorse and Doose Show: WebComics Here. Fall season has returned to the Stone’s Ranch and Curry Goat is ready to begin eating as many leaves as he can. Curry’s buffet takes place close to the area where Gracko was trying to more »

Super Newts Return to APE 2011

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Sep 222011
Super Newts Return to APE 2011

    Well it looks like The Super Newts will be free running once again in San Francisco, at APE 2011! Last year APE was our second show and there was only comic #1 of The Super Newts, available. Now we are one year in and there are a total of 3 comics that will more »

Sep 152011
Meet Raffles, the Manx Cat on a Mission

    Howdy everyone, we would like to introduce you to Raffles, the competitive and witty manx cat from West Palm Beach, Florida. Raffles, is a manx cat on a mission to WIN in any and everything he becomes involved in. Yes he is a Manx cat so don’t give him any trouble about his more »

Sep 122011
First Dorse Fan Art ...from England!

    What a pleasant surprise to see this Dorse the Red Horse; Fan Art  in our Facebook post feed recently! It was even more of a surprise that it was created by fans, Lucy and Rich Penn out in Ipswich, England! It’s really cool how they left the crayons present for the photo and more »

GudFit attending Mezasu mini-con 2

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Sep 122011
GudFit attending Mezasu mini-con 2

    Hello GudFit fans;  Gudfit Entertainment will be attending Mezasu mini-con 2! The Mezasu mini-con will take place on September 17th, 2011 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm at Tri Point located at 3233 N Saint Marys St, San Antonio, TX .  The Mezasu mini-con is FREE to the public, so come check it out! Come more »

Sep 052011
Introducing the Wacky Wacko...Gracko

    Hello everyone, we would like to introduce you to Gracko the wacky wacko grackle from San Antonio. Gracko is a Great-tailed Grackle from San Antonio, Texas. He’s in hiding from Los Corvus at the Stone Ranch. Los Corvus is a gang of Crows from Mexico that believe Gracko is a member of the more »

Aug 302011
Katy Perry and the Yellow Cube Hat!

    Katy Perry was really daring and colorful for the VMA 2011, so she makes our Gudfit VMA drawing for this year. It’s no surprise that Katy Perry’s “Firework” is VMA Video of the year, congrats on that Katy! 😀 It’s pretty cool that she managed to wear 4 outfits that night which were more »