Oct 242012
Honey-Doom Melon

Honey-Doom Melon – Dee and Jay Dee(brown cricket) and Jay(green katydid) are here again and this time they have moved into yet another house that they believe is safe from Armageddon. Jay was tricked into renting this cored-out honey dew melon from the sneaky Wormy, who you’ll meet in later adventures. See what happens as more »

Oct 222012
Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days 2012 - GudFit

This was our first time at Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days so wanted to make it as big as we could with Dorse n’ company, Super Newts, and AJ Moore fan Art. There were quite a few returning fans who picked up Super Newts comics 2 & 3 since they had previously picked up comic more »

Oct 172012
Charadey Cat

Charadey Cat – Raffles. Hotch, and Potch Hotch and Potch are out rustling up some grub until Raffles shows up and begins a game of charades with them. Enjoy! 🙂 Story: Antonio & AJ Moore More from The Adventures of Dorse and Doose Show, WebComics here.

Oct 162012
New York Comic Con 2012 - GudFit Recap

New York Comic Con 2012 was  success for us! It has been a year since we have been to the Big Apple due to conflicting events on our schedule so it was great to see that the show has tripled in size. It was nice to see the Anime and Manga crowd as well, especially more »

Oct 082012
Fall U Can Eat: The Reprise!

Fall U Can Eat: The Reprise! – Curry Goat and Gracko. Fall season is back and so is that hungry little Curry Goat who’s ready to eat as many leaves as he can. It’s a very windy at the Stone’s Ranch  so Curry finds himself taking on an adventure while in pursuit of a blowing maple leaf snack. This year more »

Oct 062012
Dorse and Doose Book 2: Title Revealed

Hello there Dorse and Doose fans we are proud to let you know that Book #2 of Dorse and Doose is at the point where we can reveal the name. Book #2: The Adventures of Dorse and Doose – Dog Gone Frisbee. Some of your favorite characters have returned for more laughs as well as more »

Sep 052012
San Antonio Silver Stars Art - AJ Moore

I briefly had a chance to meet my favorite WNBA Team The San Antonio Silver Stars today so they got to have a laugh at my new cartoon of the whole team. It was good laughs and good fun with all the ladies joking around about each others likeness in the picture. It was good more »

Aug 162012
Scratch n Lift - Dorse and Doose

 Scratch n Lift – Dorse, Doose, and Raffles. Doose seeks revenge on Raffles for interrupting his sleep with a sleep foiling method of his own. If you’ve ever scratched a cat on his back near his tail, you jous might see his backend rise up. Doose calls it the Scratch n Lift, and he is more »

Aug 152012
Chicago Comic Con - Recap

    Chicago Comic Con 2012 (Wizard World) is over and we wanted to share just a few of the pics of celebrities, art, and the awesome cosplayers. Our neighbors at his show was the artist known as Daniel from the Space Mullet team who did some gnarly Zombie sketches! Please check out his work more »

Jul 252012
Tickle-Trigger Leg - Dorse, Doose, & Raffles

Tickle-Trigger Leg – Dorse, Doose, and Raffles. Have you ever scratched a dog on his tummy and their leg started to kick away repeatedly? Well that is what Dorse and the gang cal the Tickle-Trigger Leg.  Raffles has tried and tried to prove that Dorse is indeed a horse so he has to test to more »

Jul 192012
UIW gives the Word on GudFit, Dorse, & Super Newts

    Here is a well written article about us by Crystale Lopez of The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. We wanted to share the pages since many of you will not be able to have a copy of the magazine. Read the full article here. I think its totally cool more »

Jul 192012
San Diego Comic Con Intl 2012 - GudFit Recap!

    The Super Bowl of our industry; San Diego Comic Con International has passed and it was a huge success for us, even larger than last year. The Super Newts and The Adventures of Dorse and Doose are the main focus of course with a few new items that stole the show. The brand more »

Jun 192012
Meet, Mondo the Chupacabra

    We would like all of you to meet Mondo, the sly and ever so crafty chupacabra from parts unknown. What is a chupacabra? Well some would say that it’s a mythical creature possibly from Mexico or Puerto Rico that attacks victims in the night drinking their blood. Afterall, the meaning of ‘chupacabra’ in more »

GudFit headed to Heroes Con 2012

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Jun 182012
GudFit headed to Heroes Con 2012

    This weekend we will be out in Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention (June 22nd & 24th) so make sure you make it to Artist Alley table# 225 during the show. This time will have a little something for the Indy lover and the mainstream fans. Since this is our first time in more »

Dallas Comic Con for Dorse and the Super Newts

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May 152012
Dallas Comic Con for Dorse and the Super Newts

    This Saturday, and Sunday(May 19th & 20th) we will be showing at the Sci-Fi Expo: Dallas Comic Con presented by Stan Lee. The Animal Avengers will be there to watch the back of the real Avengers…ok well maybe not exactly but we will be giving away small Dorse and Doose: Animal Avengers posters more »