Oct 162012

New York Comic Con 2012 was  success for us! It has been a year since we have been to the Big Apple due to conflicting events on our schedule so it was great to see that the show has tripled in size. It was nice to see the Anime and Manga crowd as well, especially because we don’t have much interaction with them at many of our other shows.

In 2010 New York was our debut show and all we had on display was The Super Newts Comic#1. We had a very small sign and the Dorse and Doose webcomics hadn’t even gotten started yet, so as you can see in the image below that we have grown substantially since 2010.

Now in 2012 we now have three Super Newts issues [Comic #1 The Super Within, Comic #2 A Newt Beginning, Comic #3 The Fangless Vampire] and working on Comic #4 Blood Type Sangre to be released early next year.
The newest publication is our children’s book from The Adventures of Dorse and Doose titled Sit Stay Dorse Play , which is supported by other merchandise like character buttons and the popular Curry Goat pooping T-Shirt.

The Cosplay is always one of the fun things to look for at each convention, so we would like to share a few of them with you here. The rest will be on our Facebook page.

Images from left to right:
Ben Folds Five Concert – Black Cat
Bucky – Little Captain America
Catwoman (Dark Knight) – Cobra Commander
Dr. Doom and Little Hulk – Falcon
G1 Ratchet (Transformers) – Harley Quinn Arkham
Judge Dredd – Lady Bane (Dark Knight)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT – Nickelodeon) – Orko (Maters of the Universe)
Ruby Rod (The Fifth Element) – Samurai (Justice League)
Shaun of the Dead – The She-Hulk
She-Ra – Shredder (TMNT)
Sorceress and Skeletor (Masters of the Universe) – Uhura (Star Trek)
New York Comic Con crowd – GudFit Entertainment booth

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us.
More pics on Facebook.

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