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We would like all of you to meet Mondo, the sly and ever so crafty chupacabra from parts unknown. What is a chupacabra? Well some would say that it’s a mythical creature possibly from Mexico or Puerto Rico that attacks victims in the night drinking their blood.
Mondo - The Chupacabra - GudFit Entertainment
Afterall, the meaning of ‘chupacabra’ in Spanish is ‘goat-sucker’. We’re not sure about some of the horrific things that some say chupacabra’s are known for but we are sure that Mondo loves to eat goats. One look at Mondo and he’s probably not what some would expect a chupacabra to look like or behave. He is a very smart and smooth talking chupacabra that wants his way, but often runs into problems with Lanza the llama who protects Curry the goat. Though he may be charming at times, he has a very quick temper.
Mondo - The Chupacabra - GudFit Entertainment
Mondo see’s Lanza as the ultimate challenge, so that’s why he tries so hard to succeed in catching Curry the goat.  It’s not really sure when Mondo arrived at the Stone’s ranch but he has been on the hunt for Curry ever since. Mondo has heard of the six feet tall, legendary fighting llama from Argentina named Lanza but he is somewhat of a legend in his own right, especially through Latin America. Mondo has been around for many years according to many stories passed down the generations. His reclusive behavior makes him nearly impossible to track, but some of the first sightings and attacks were reported in the early eighties and then there were more in the mid nineties. Dorse and Doose don’t have many problems with Mondo at all probably because he doesn’t eat apples or bacon, but Mondo has been known to smooth talk them and others into doing his sneaky deeds. Many say that the chupacabra does not exist, but I assure you that Mondo is as real as they come. Mondo makes his first appearance in Dorse and Doos book# 1: Sit, Stay, Dorse Play. 🙂


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