Aug 082011

Llama Monsta Mash – Lanza and Curry
Llama_Monsta_Mash - GudFit EntertainmentLlama_Monsta_Mash - GudFit EntertainmentLlama_Monsta_Mash - GudFit Entertainment

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Just so you’ll know, llamas are often used to guard/protect ranches and farms and no one does this job better than Lanza from Argentina! Lanza the llama and Curry goat are just enjoying their afternoon in the ranch until an intruder crosses over the fence. Lanza is the protector so she loves to hop into action to run off the intruder and protect her little friend, Curry Goat. Dorse and Doose are full aware of Lanza and how she works so they have a chance to have some fun at her expense.  Enjoy! 🙂

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