Sep 202010

Artist AJ Moore - Lady_Gaga_Meat_Dress

Lady Gaga definitely has a unique sense of fashion as we all know by now. I’ve been asked several times from friends and through emails, “Hey AJ when are you going to draw something of Lady Gaga?” The truth is that I wanted to draw something of her, but I just didn’t know where to begin.  So then one evening the VMA is on and there she goes with a meat dress outfit and that’s when I thought, YES, now is the time to draw Gaga.

I am assuming that you have either seen the Gaga Meat Dress outfit during the VMA 2010 or you saw it on the news, paper, etc.  This dress was a mixture of bloody awesomness and butcheriffic splendor, designed Franc Fernandez. Mad props to Franc cause he really pulled it off, I don’t think it will be a trend but it’s one for the books for sure.  I just knew that this would stir up a lot of controversy as Gaga always does.  If I would have been her date for the VMA I probably would have worn a porkchop speedo or something…or maybe not. 🙂

I painted a bloody footprint trail as she walks through drizzling blood. I wonder did she leave a bloody mess in the chair. ewwww 😛   Anyways I had fun painting this and there will be more pieces of Lady Gaga in the future you can bet on that. For all the Gaga fans this one is for you.

I would like to see an outfit made out of oyster shells or something organic like grass and leaves. If there’s ever anything you feel I should draw just let me know, I can’t make you any promises but I may get the urge to draw it up.

Art by: AJ
Media: Digital Art

  8 Responses to “Lady Gaga Meat Dress Outfit”

  1. I made the dress! LOVE the drawing! XXFF

  2. Amazing job! congrats

  3. P E R F E C T !

  4. Spot on! Good job!

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