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We would like to take the time to acknowledge the 92nd birthday of the beloved American children’s author and illustrator, Richard Scarry! Yea thats right, 92 years ago today a star was born! Many of you, like myself remember reading or having these books read to us as a child…ok well some of us just loved the cool pictures. 🙂
Happy Birthday Richard Scarry

With such fun characters and stories, it’s difficult for me to pick out a favorite  book; if I had to choose one then I would choose the Lowly Worm Storybook! I love the playful and simplistic character design of the worm, he had such a great smile that made you want to smile back at him. Do you have a  favorite storybook or books by Richard? If so what is it or what are they?
Here is a list to many of his great stories to jog your memory. Richard Scarry Story Books

As these books were colorful and fun, they often were good at teaching us a life lesson or two. I remember having some positive reinforcement of learning manners with the book titled, Please and Thank You Book. I know a few little ones that can really use this book, and I’ll be sure to send a copy to their parents. 😉

Happy Birthday Richard Scarry

Richard’s world was always so busy, so many things happening at one time kinda like life. He had such a great imagination, I loved how he came up with cool ways to draw things to help you understand things.They even did an animated cartoon on Richard’s busy little world that some of you may remember, this may take you back a bit so enjoy the intro. 🙂

Take a look at these vehicle designs, as a kid I really wanted a hotdog car…you know the egg car may have been some inspiration for the Smart Car…never know.

Happy Birthday Richard Scarry

A gorilla driving a banana, that’s cool – but whats up with the gorilla rockin’ three watches on his arm?! What kinda work does this gorilla do for a living?? Hehe 😀 that is such an interesting illustration and I love it!

I thought about what it would be like if Dorse, Doose, and Curry Goat were characters in the wonderful world of Richard Scarry’s storybooks…
click image below to enlarge

[singlepic id=58 w=570 h=470 float=none]

Umm…No. I don’t think Dorse, Doose, and Curry Goat could mingle well in the busy world of Richard Scarry.
Well at any rate from the GudFit team to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD SCARRY!


AJ & The GudFit Team

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