Jun 182012



This weekend we will be out in Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention (June 22nd & 24th) so make sure you make it to Artist Alley table# 225 during the show.

Blog Heroes Con Super Newts - GudFit Entertainment

This time will have a little something for the Indy lover and the mainstream fans. Since this is our first time in Charlotte we would love for the indy fans to get involved with the Super Newts and/or the Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Both stories are safe for all ages and written so that you can have loads of fun as you read them. The Dorse and Doose children’s book makes a great gift for a child who loves to read or be read to. Limited edition Animal Avengers posters will be available as well. See sample of the Animal Avengers poster below.

Animal Avengers - GudFit Entertainment

For the mainstream fans we will have original artwork of some of your favorite characters by artist AJ Moore. (Deadpool, Captain America, Hulk,She Hulk, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ironman, Luke Cage, Batman, and Spiderman.) These prints and originals are only available at shows and are in short supply so be sure to get them while they are available.

Blog Heroes Con - AJ Moore - GudFit Entertainment

To see more of the artwork by AJ, please check out the facebook page: AJ Moore
Another way to follow AJ is on our Deviant Art page


Cover - Sit, Stay, Dorse Play; Book#1

If you want to learn a bit about the characters of the Dorse and Doose show then be sure to check the Dorse and Doose page.
A bit more for the super hero and heroine lovers please check out The Super Newts comics.

The Super Newts

Check out the Super Newts page for a storyline overview. We will have the newly reprinted Comic #1 available as well as Comics# 2 and 3. Looking forward to seeing you at the show. More info on Heroes Comic Con.

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