Nov 192010



In 2011 GudFit Entertainment will be exhibiting at the Ultimate Comic Convention!
San Diego Comic Con 2011 GudFit Entertainment
We are excited to share with you all that  the Small Press Committee has approved GudFit Entertainment for a booth/table at San Diego Comic Con 2011!
For all of those who may not understand what all the excitement is about, let me share a little bit with you now. San Diego Comic Con is the Super Bowl,  Olympic Games, and World Cup of our industry. This is the largest comic convention in the world and arguably the largest convention in the world, period. Every year people come from all over the world to take part in this epic convention. Just so you will get a mental picture of how many people show up to this con,  140,000+ attended in 2010! Tickets sale out FAST so make sure you secure your tickets asap!

For exhibitors, acceptance into a show of this magnitude  takes some patience; the waiting list is very long but we were one of the fortunate exhibitors that got accepted.
What we know so far is that our booth/table Q-04 in the Small Press section…hey I think that’s right near the food center, very convenient especially for little Curry Goat!  😆

This is a very exciting time for our team, and we are so thankful to  have been given the opportunity to exhibit in the grandest con of them all! So after we are done celebrating we are going to get back to the hard work that helped us get to this point. There is much to do, more stories to write, more comics to draw, and more merchandise to produce!

Thanks to the Comic Con Committee for the the opportunity and thanks to all the fans for supporting us, we will continue to bring you more entertaining works as we progress.

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