Sep 122011



What a pleasant surprise to see this Dorse the Red Horse; Fan Art  in our Facebook post feed recently! It was even more of a surprise that it was created by fans, Lucy and Rich Penn out in Ipswich, England!

It’s really cool how they left the crayons present for the photo and nailed the likeness of Dorse. It is really good to know that people out there appreciate the work that we do. If anyone has fan art, feel free to share it with us on here or on Facebook; whether it’s from Dorse and Doose or from The Super Newts. Perhaps we should make a link or something dedicated to fan art…what do you all think about that?

Thanks again to Lucy and Rich out in England for showing the GudFit Team some love. Cheers. 🙂

AJ and the GudFit Team

  4 Responses to “First Dorse Fan Art …from England!”

  1. Awww, that so cute! Are they at church!? lol

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