Oct 062012

Hello there Dorse and Doose fans we are proud to let you know that Book #2 of Dorse and Doose is at the point where we can reveal the name.
Dorse and Doose Book2 Cover - GudFit Entertainment
Book #2: The Adventures of Dorse and Doose – Dog Gone Frisbee.
Some of your favorite characters have returned for more laughs as well as some of the other characters making their debut like Gracko who does what he does best, annoy everyone while Piggin gets cooking into the action.  Oh yes…there will be poop, just as sure as Curry Goat is around. Hotch and Potch bring a whole new twist of drama to the story as they take aim at the wise-cracking yet witty, Raffles.

Dorse and Doose Book2 Cast - GudFit Entertainment
There is a brand new character that we will reveal in the upcoming weeks by the name of Ting-Ting, you will eventually get to know him pretty well as he mingles with Dorse and the crew.
Book #1: Sit, Stay, Dorse PLAY  was a huge success that has brought many laughs from fans across the US, Europe, and Asia. We hope to fulfill the tall order of Gud fun and Gud laughs with Book #2. We are looking to release the book in the winter of 2012.

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