Dec 312010

New Years End – Dorse and Doose. Feat: Dee, Jay, Curry Goat, and Johnny Appleseed.
New Years End - GudFit EntertainmentNew Years End - GudFit EntertainmentNew Years End - GudFit Entertainment

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Dee(cricket) and Jay(katydid) are back on the scene are once again talking about the Apocalypse, but this time its on New years eve. How can two creatures that are so small survive multiple apocalypses is INCREDIBLE! Dorse and Doose have no concern for such things, they just enjoy life to the fullest and have tons of fun! Hopefully one day Dee and Jay will calm down and enjoy life without all the drama, but that day of tranquility is far from now.

See Dee and Jay in their first appearance, Autumn Apocalypse.

The GudFit team would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. 🙂

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