Jan 302014

Blog_Doose_Rec_Drawing_Cutting_Edge_Anatomy_01Hello fans and fellow artist, Doose is here to recommend a drawing book for you. Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy by Christopher Hart.

Like with any reference material and or information, you have to use what will work for you because every technique shown will not work for you. This book is NOT the cure-all for your drawing woes but there is a chance that it can help you understand a few things about human anatomy.

This book gives you a look at the how to look at different setups for male and female characters that are helpful with character design. There are some rules that apply human/humanoid characters that can rarely be bent.
Aspiring artist often ask me to review sketch books at shows and the one thing that I notice consistently is that the human anatomy is off at times. This dos NOT mean that you are a bad artist, it just means that there is room to grow. Once you study and understand how muscles attach to bones and the shapes that make up the body, drawing figures should come along more efficiently.

Blog_Doose_Rec_Drawing_Cutting_Edge_Anatomy_02*Don’t be quick to say, well the art/inking in this book is terrible or that you dislike the author.* Please be open minded to the possibility of learning something new. Some things you may already know or have already heard like the number of head-lengths that make the body, but please read over it because there may be another suggestion that you may can add to your skillset that you hadn’t used before.

Hart shows the different body shapes for male and female that can be used when developing characters.

The muscle and bones breakdowns are some of the pieces that I have found the most helpful when drawing for comic books. Blog_Doose_Rec_Drawing_Cutting_Edge_Anatomy_03 Since most comic book characters have over emphasized muscles, it’s good to have a look at how the actual muscles are positioned underneath the skin. I have reviewed drawings that look like they have no muscles or bones at all and then I have seen drawings of human characters that seem to have a muscle system of their own. You have to have an understanding of the muscles and bones so everything will make sense when you’re drawing and then you can apply what you’ve learned to other non-human characters. See in the image how the Super Newt character Cute;  follows the same body setup as the actual human only modified to fit his smaller frame.  I can’t teach you this because you have to apply it yourself. I suggest going to live figure drawing classes as well to reference an actual human body, these classes in conjunction with this book and others have helped me advance my drawing skills. Find the live drawing classes/sessions near you and get at it. 🙂

Blog_Doose_Rec_Drawing_Cutting_Edge_Anatomy_04This book is also great for learning some basic eye shapes and principles like how the eyelid lays over the eye with male and female characters. Subtle things like drawing a bride for the male nose and not drawing a bridge for the female nose for example. Small things like that will make all the sense in the world once you see it, learn it, and apply it.

There is also a brief look at drawing hands and feet that Doose and I HIGHLY recommend because hands and feet are as challenging to draw as it is for Dorse the horse to fetch a Super Frisbee.

So you can go into your local bookstore and look it over before you buy it OR you can just get it off of Amazon here.
Keep drawing and never give up!

~ Doose and Artist AJ Moore

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