Jun 032011

Comic Palooza turned out to be a great show for us, there are new fans of The Super Newts and The Adventures of Dorse and Doose. Its great to be appreciated for what you do, and the attendees of Comic Palooza really showed us some love. One of the biggest things for an artist is their fans, I just want to say thank you all so much for supporting us and our artistic endeavors. I think I had most fun telling people a little about the Super Newts and drawing sketches for them.

super_newts_cutesuper_newts_coolThe Super Newts

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There was so much going on at the Palooza, from Celebrities, Artist, wrestling, roller derby, brazilian ju-jitsu, and many other things that made this convention unlike any other.

AJ, Jon Hughes, David Mack
Jon Hughes, AJ Moore, David Mack on the Artist, Never Give Up panel. We talked about the industry and told our stories in efforts to inspire other artist to NEVER GIVE UP! It was pretty gud turnout for the panel and I believe we inspired a few of them with our words. It was truly an honor sharing the panel with Jon and David.
Yes that is all Legos!
R2-D2 at Comic Palooza
R2-D2 made an appearance at our both a couple of times, perhaps he was interested in the Super Newts. 🙂
Cool tattoo
Okay look at this tattoo, there is a little love for just about every old-school game there is from Mario, Kid Icarus, Contra, Metroid, and many others. This ongoing tattoo was all around his leg, pretty friggin awesome!


A Few of The Artist
Ok, and now for a recap on some of the artist I met at Comic Palooza, be sure to take a look at their creative works.

Brass Comics
It was a treat meeting Isaiah at Comic Palooza and checking out his artwork. His style is fun to look at cause it seems to draw you into it, perhaps its the splendid use of his characters expressions. As a fellow traditional animator, I wouldn’t mind animating some of his characters cause if you know anything about 2D animation, it is a joy to work with clean/crisp characters. Brass Comic is one to follow!
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Mark Nasso
Another great artist that you should check out is Mark Nasso ESPECIALLY for my fellow sci-fi lovers! Pick up a copy of Land of the Rats, the artwork will blow your mind. I really love Marks attention to detail and the intense inking throughout his works. Look for the work of Mark Nasso in the near future at other comic conventions!
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Super Mercado
Ok so I ran into the award winning animator, writer, and director Yehudi Mercado at 3 conventions so far! (STAPLE, Wonder Con, Comic Palooza) Like great artwork, animation, cool characters, and pizza?! If the answer is yes then you are going to devour the brilliant works of Yehudi of Super Mercado Comics and Films. His characters are very catchy and easy to relate to for many of us. Please check the work out, Super Mercado will not let you down!
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also check out Turbo PIZZA!
Jamie Kinosian
Across from our GudFit booth was the very talented  and truly inspiring Jamie Kinosian. The excellent artwork and use of colors attracted me to their booth. Jamie has a fun and vibrant style that will make one stop and stare. Great personality in the character sketches, check her work out for yourself.
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Hidden Lands of Nod
Be sure to check out the novels by Robert Stikmanz, ESPECIALLY if you are into fantasy adventures. If you are an 80’s child then you may know a think or two about fantasy and adventure novels and films like Labrinth or The Princess Bride. I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert and Amanda at Comic Palooza and STAPLE this year and their work is just as awesome as their personalities. Check out the Hidden Lands of Nod, get up to speed with the Dvarsh language cause it’s pretty awesome! 🙂
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J.A. Sanderlin
Europa is the first of the series in The Black Chronicles written by J.A. Sanderlin. I am a fan of the ocean, adventure, and science fiction so this caught my attention. Would make a great film. Read about Europa and/or pick up a copy.
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David Mack
I had the pleasure of meeting, as well as being on a panel with awesome and ever-so humble David Mack. If you dont know about David here is a tid-bit for you: Creator, author, & Artist of KABUKI and also artist and writer for Daredevil from Marvel Comics. Check out his amazing artwork, please. 🙂 
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