Feb 282012



On February 18th we had our first book signing at The Twig Book Shop here in San Antonio, Texas and it was awesome. So we can now say the line, “We’re in Stores”
even if it’s just one store. ;-)Twig Book Signing - GudFit EntertainmentWe sort of played things by ear since it was our first signing so we had planned for a raffle and other things but it just didn’t happen due to an overwhelming response from all the guests. Dorse and Doose: Sit, Stay, Dorse Play seemed to be a success and many books were sold and autographs were given. We were able to let everyone sample our special blend of ‘Appleseed Punch’ which the kids enjoyed with cookies and fresh Johnny Appleseed apples. We were so grateful that our photographer Sam Agueros was on-hand to get tons of photos. (There are more pictures on Facebook)
Twig Book Signing - GudFit EntertainmentThe children also got a kick out of the reading of the stories in the book, AJ read a portion of the 2 stories leaving the audience with cliffhangers. Curry Goat and Mondo seem to have stolen the show at times, perhaps it was the constant pooping of Curry or the smooth-talking ways of Mondo; we’re not really sure but we had a lot of fun.
Twig Book Signing - GudFit EntertainmentAs you can see from the photo that we were able to please a few Super Newts fans as well with comics# 1, 2, and 3. It’s such a joy to do what you love and Antonio and AJ are love every minute of it, from signing autographs, taking photos, and even giving out words of inspiration and hugs. This was our first book signing and it will not be the last, so stay tuned for more signing and new releases from GudFit Entertainment. There are 9 more books of Dorse and Doose on the way so be sure to stop buy the Twig and pick up a copy of the book, and if you’re not in San Antonio you can just buy it here.

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