Oct 302012
AJ Moore signing the last copy of Dorse & Doose Book# 1

AJ Moore signing the last copy of Dorse & Doose Book# 1

This was our third time showing at Austin Comic Con:Wizard World and the 3rd time was the charm. Every year it seems as though the show gets better and better for us. We were successful in selling out of our first children’s book Dorse and Doose: Sit Stay Dorse Play. Selling out of a book is never a bad thing for us at a show, just in case you were wondering.

We promise that the next time we are in Austin for a show, we will have more Dorse and Super Newts for the you all to enjoy.

I got a sketch done by artist Jessi Jordan of 2 of her adorable characters Edward and Marni. I fell in love with the two characters and I really hope that they are further developed.
Look for more works from Jesse here:
Jessi’s Website other works by Jessi here

There was some pretty good cosplay going on as well as you can see from the pics below. There will be more on Facebook but we wanted to share a couple of them here. The guy cosplaying as Wolverine is a very good friend of my brother and I so it was great to see him and many other friends show up and support us while having fun.

Thank you Austin for always showing us love, we will continue to work to keep fresh ideas and entertainment coming in the future.

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