May 142013

IMG_0332 I recently showed my work at the first ever Central Texas Toy & Comic Expo out in San Marcos Texas and had a really exciting time. You never really know what type of reception you’ll receive when you move from city to city but one thing that is consistent is the excitement of all the fans.

I had a couple of new Walking Dead inspired pieces to show including art of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon, IronE Singleton as T-Dog, Addy Miller as the little Zombie girl in season one, and Noel G. as Felipe from season one. I was able to present them all with prints of my paintings to take with them. The paintings were well received by all of the actors especially Addy and IronE.
(SPOILER, DO NOT READ THIS PARAGRAPH if you haven’t seen Season 3) T-Dog was particularly excited about the fact that I drew him stabbing the actual ‘Walker’ that bit him in the series. I was hurt that T-Dog never got to do much on the show but I’m glad he was written out with some dignity just like the character Merle.(SPOILER FINISHED)

IronE is a very energetic and charismatic guy that seems to always have a joke for ya and Michael Rooker was wild and very funny most of the time. The voice he uses as the character Merle is his actual voice so it was funny to hear him say a few lines from the show.
Addy Miller who played the little Zombie girl in the very first episode was very soft-spoken but not shy by any means. Though most of us Walking Dead Fans know her as the zombie girl, she has some other upcoming projects that you may find interesting as well. Check out her upcoming work here. All of the proceeds from Addy’s autographs are donated to  sponsor the Triangle Run/Walk for Autism, so if you fancy leaving a donation please do.

Addy Miller Little Zombie girl by AJ Moore

I mailed her this 20×30 Zombie print for them to auction. For a hardcore Walking Dead Fan.

Noel G (aka Felipe and aka Hector for all my fell Fast n Furious fans) has  very calm demeanor  when you first meet him but he has endless jokes. Episode 4 Season 1 ‘Vatos’ was where he appeared on the show with the other Vatos – Miguel, Guillermo, Jorge: portrayed by Noel Gugliemi, Anthony Guajardo, Neil Brown Jr., James Gonzaba. The Vatos were cool characters cause they ended up surprising the viewers in a positive way instead of the typical stereotypical way by staying back and taking care of the elderly. I wish they could have reintroduced the Vatos later in the show but I can only hope. Those types of characters don’t always get much love through fan art so I wanted to show them some love. I’m really glad Noel appreciated this piece cause it took roughly 20+ hours to complete.

Vatos - Felipe, Miguel, Guillermo, Jorge

There was so many cool moments that happened over that weekend that I really cannot put into words so please enjoy the pics below.

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Thank you Tim Gardner, the fans, the artist, and everyone who helped make the first Central Texas Toy & Comic Expo a success.

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